Anonymous asked:

What does Nash Grier had done?

actionables answered:

What hasn’t he done?

(he only apologized for that Vine when he got serious backlash, and he deleted it right away, just like he did with his video ‘What Guys Look For In Girls’, but he constantly uses slurs)

Where did he move on to? To a trashcan???

(FYI he never apologized for this video, he just removed it because he was being criticized)

You can watch the video here.

Decide for yourself if you like Nash or not after watching it, I don’t care. It’s like girls are not pressured enough to be perfect in today’s society to be as perfect as possible for ‘their man’ as they can be. What’s worse, his followers doubled, then tripled, than quadrupled after this video, even though he deleted it, and so many teen girls went to his defense. He criticized probably most of them and he still has them as his fans. He set up unrealistic standards for them and they don’t love themselves enough to realize what piece of shit he is. It’s tragic. He has a huge influence on his mass following, who are mostly teenage girls, and instead of teaching them to love themselves, he taught them they are not good enough for him. He sent them 60 years in the past, when women were the perfect trophy that lived by certain standards.

Also, he treats his followers badly.

I wish he wasn’t relevant right now and he didn’t have millions of followers that look up to him, but he is and he does. I wish we could just pretend he doesn’t exist, but if we do that, we’re not helping to stop him in any way. He does not deserve to be talked about, but he is, and we have to make sure people at least know that he’s talked about in a negative way and for a reason.

It’s beyond my understanding why this little lemur still has any followers.



He’s the biggest piece of shit EVER.

I thought I was fine the way I looked until I watched that video. I wax very rarely and I almost never shave my legs. I always tie my hair in a ponytail. I am loud. I am large in every way possible. But I never had any problem with that until I saw this video and the number of people that supported it. So according to Nash Grier and his supporters, I am as undesirable as they come.

I thought I hadn’t taken the vlog to heart. Then why is it that each time I look in a mirror, I feel undesirable and disgusting?

He may never understand the depth of his actions. I mean, after all, what’s the worst 9 minutes of someone saying what he likes or does not like, can do?

But he isn’t an insignificant person in a corner of the world like me. He is a popular Internet figure with a fandom consisting of millions, of which 95% are growing girls. Like it or not, everything he says or does, they take to heart - whether it be his likes/dislikes or his homophobic slurs.

It would do him and all of us a lot of good, if he remembers that.

Makes me sick.

Makes me really want to see someone break his “”“”“beautiful”“”“”” face